What Can an Entrance Hall Do for You?

Make an Entrance! What Can an Entrance Hall Do for You?

Entrance halls are not only for grand Hollywood mansions, they offer us a beautiful space to express and introduce the unique identity of our home, as we welcome guests.

What Can an Entrance Hall Do for You?

Aside from the opportunity for a functional space to store everyday items, in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic, entrance halls have gained importance as a space to safely sanitise before interacting with our families.

Local interior creator and behavioural specialist, Kim Williams, is especially interested in the interaction between our environments and our behaviour. She is a fan of entrance halls as they serve to create both interest and functionality in a somewhat underestimated space.

According to Kim, every great space begins by having a solid understanding of how people operate in that environment and how design can help them get more from their space.

After the pandemic, we saw a global shift back towards entertaining guests in our home spaces. Having a space to welcome guests creates a sense of excitement about discovering the rest of a home, and a feeling of welcoming warmth.

As the footprints of our homes became smaller, the demand for functional space has begun to come at a premium. Nowadays, the entrance space of a typical apartment is usually small and tends to serve more as a transitional space into open plan living areas.

Meaning that we need to create a functional entrance space within an open plan interior. Many entrance halls use a combination of flooring in open spaces to create a sense of definition between entrance areas and living spaces, without having to corner the space off. Interestingly, easy clean materials, such as patterned tiles are also a great way to add dimension to space.

When designing your entrance hall, Kim recommends considering the following:


Functionality is not only about what you add into a space, but more about how well the space fulfils your needs. Also, the personality of your family is extremely important; remember that everyone’s behaviour and needs in their space are different, therefore design must be developed around your unique requirements.


The overall style of the house should guide your design choices. There may also be elements that you cannot change, such as walls, windows, and natural light, or you may want to highlight an antique front door.


As our spaces get smaller, it is more important than ever that we think about how we create flow with our design choices, how we work with natural light, or how we move the eye with the placement of elements and use of colour. Pieces of art and furniture are more than objects in a home, they add to the flow, overall look, and impression you want to experience in the home.

The integration between the old and the new is by far Kim’s forte. Using items that you already treasure creates an emotional connection with your space, gives sentimental significance, and safeguards your design from being too trend orientated

In a home in Claremont that Kim recently worked on, these elements all needed to come together to produce a balanced aesthetic within a space of only 10m2. The goal was a space that would seamlessly incorporate the modern and the classic, have a designated space for coats, and a hand me down family piano in need of refurbishing now welcomes visitors with a sense of gloss laid-back luxury.

Modern vs. Classical Elements

To combine the modern style with classical elements, Kim used a classic pattern in the tiles, modern expressionist artwork, and a mirrored wall. The artwork is a great

way to depict a story visually and brings warmth and intrigue to the entry, as well as providing a focal point.

The coat hooks mimic some of the artistic elements of the house and are small disks made of oak that hang on the mirrored wall. The wall itself reflects light giving the illusion of space and brightness. Beneath the coat hooks, a velvet ottoman creates a sense of depth and adds a touch of luxury. A custom crystal chandelier lends that old-world charm and offsets the modernity of the space.

Consider Security for Entrance Halls

The homeowner also needed to consider security as she was a single mother. Kim created a beautiful gold screen, in collaboration with Trellidor, that runs along the side of the staircase. At night, the stairwell can be securely locked, keeping the family safely upstairs. By using custom design in the place of a more traditional banister, Kim created dimension, interest, and art in the space whilst still satisfying the functional need for security.

Entrance halls have made their grand return to the design scene and are a great way to sweep guests off their feet, introduce our home’s unique style, and organise our everyday essential items. They offer us a special place to warmly greet and be greeted by our guests.

In a world where we are more socially distanced every day, the significance of a space that facilitates acknowledging one another, promotes sanitisation, and communicates who we are is invaluable.


Kim is an entrepreneur and well-respected local interior creative of the full-service Cape Town-based interior studio, Kim Williams, working across décor, design and interior architecture.

What Can an Entrance Hall Do for You? Kim Williams

Kim started renovating her own properties during her early twenties, with the aim of increase their resell value and making good profit. However, it was in Kim’s 40s that she truly found her life’s calling, after becoming ill and relocating back to Cape Town she decided to combine her year’s of business experience with her passion for beautiful buildings and interiors.

Kim’s first-hand experience of the importance of well-functioning, energising interiors became the cornerstone of her own blueprint called the Pure Design Innovation ID, that involves a process of extracting what people want and need from their interior spaces. Kim developed this Blueprint to guarantee a focus on the client – what they want – and matching this with their unique personal style. The practice can be applied to corporate environments, hospitality, residential homes, developments, businesses or even a single room.

Kim has uniquely married this process successfully with her creative talents and practical skills, which includes the intelligent use of space, her unique design talent and years of valuable experience.

Kim completed her certification for Interior Design and Styling with the JD London Institute of Design, wrote the NHBRC technical exam for building professionals, and is registered with the NHBRC. Kim holds several qualifications in business management, human behaviour, marketing, training, assessment and communications to name a few.

Kim’s background also includes her working as a change management consultant and behaviour specialist in the corporate world for 21 years. During this time, she acquired valuable business skills and developed great insights on human behaviour, corporate work culture and workspaces. She then went to open her own consulting business which she has successfully run for 12 years.

What Can an Entrance Hall Do for You?

Kim has seen first-hand the value of experiencing an over-all sense of well-being, of being your best self when in a well-designed space, which far offsets the cost. It translates into a return on investment not just in the quality of life and work, but into tangible value for the property, development or business.

Kim’s clients enjoy her passion and love for quirky, fresh and on trend, yet classic interior design space solutions. Her easy, energetic and sparkly personality helps create her client’s dream space that exceeds even their best imagination. Knowing this, brings her real happiness.

Currently, Kim Williams’ portfolio adds up to millions of rands in retail value. She has worked across several building and construction projects, alongside developers and architects of more than 25 residential properties, 3 apartment blocks and more recently expanding into commercial projects. These projects include a variation of interior architecture, design and finishing, as well as soft furnishing. Read more about Kim Williams, follow her on social media @kimwilliamsdesign or go to www.kimwilliams.co.za and subscribe

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What Can an Entrance Hall Do for You?

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