Top Farming Websites in South Africa

We look at the top farming websites in South Africa that can help your farming business flourish. These websites offer help, tutorials and advise for chicken farming, pig farming, livestock farming and vegetable farming.

Farming is trending in SA as unemployment has reach new highs. Backyard farming offer some financial relief and many South Africans are turning to backyard farming not only to make a profit but to supply food for families. Farming websites can be inspirational and teach young people they way around the agricultural industries to help understand what farming is about and help with career decisions.

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Best Farming Website in South Africa

Our Top Farming Websites in South Africa must be Farming South Africa

The value that this website bring is appreciated by many as there is a high interaction rate on comments and the websites forum. The website offers making your own feed with recipes, how to sell your livestock and a free online feed calculator. Post are regularly updated and they have a news section to keep you informed about agricultural news and daily market prices.

Articles and topics include:

  • Pig Farming
  • Chicken Farming
  • Agriculture
  • Free eBook
  • Forum
  • Daily Market Prices
  • Buy and Sell of Farming Equipment
  • Suppliers in all Provinces of SA
How to setup a business plan - Top Farming Websites in South Africa

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Best Pig Farming Website

If you are a Pig farmer make sure to visit Pig Farming South Africa

This website offers everything you need to know about Pig Farming. They offer marketing strategy on selling your pigs, diseases and treatments a well as the best pig breeds to farm with.

Topics you will find here will include

  • How to start a Pig Farming Business
  • Nutrition for Pigs
  • Best Pig breeds to farm with
  • Building a Pig Pen
  • Free Range Pig Farming vs Intensive Farming
  • Best ways to sell your Pigs in SA
  • Saving cost on Pig Feed
  • Free Pig Farming Business Plan

Visit the Pig Farming South Africa and make sure to subscribe to stay updated on post regarding Pig Farming and Marketing Strategies

Best Chicken Farming Website

Chicken farmers will get all the information they need on Farming With Chicken in South Africa. This very helpful website has much to offer in the form of feeding recipes, profitability breakdowns and feed cost. It allows you to use free online tools such as a broiler and layer feeding calculator.

Topics for Chicken Farming will include:

  • 50 Best Chicken Breeds in South Africa
  • Tips on Feed for Farmers
  • Top asked Chicken Farming questions with answers
  • How to farm with broilers
  • How to farm with Layers
  • Bedding for Day Old Chicks
  • Housing for Chickens
  • Sales and Marketing of Chickens
  • Download a Free Chicken Farming Ebook
Best Chicken Layers to Farm with in SA - Top Farming Websites in South Africa

Visit Chicken Farms in South Africa and subscribe to their mailing list to stay tuned with upcoming posts.

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Top Farming Websites in South Africa

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