Thomas Mercer Marine Chronometer Value

This is a beautiful functional Thomas Mercer Marine Chronometer. “The world’s Finest Chronometers” this one is numbered 20541 – Thomas Mercer Marine Chronometer Value

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A short story of the origin: The early history of Chronometer began with a series of seafaring tragedies and culminated in 1761 with a notable victory. The victor was John Harrison.

Unable to accurately plot their position, many ships foundered during the early 18th century. To find a solution, the British government offered the Longitude Prize to anyone who could devise a method to determine a ship’s longitude. Eventually, with a chronometer accurate to less than half a degree, John Harrison collected his £20,000 reward from the Board of Longitude. “My grandfather Tony’s tenacity and innovation helped to make Thomas Mercer world renowned, leading the way in nautical, precision timekeeping, whilst adhering to a classically British design and ethos.” Joel Mercer

Thomas Mercer Chronometers is a British company specializing in the design and production … No.1 of the Limited edition of Mercer Marine chronometers to celebrate the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, 1977.

Marine Chronometer By Mercer Of St Albans has been declared an antique and was approved for sale: In good condition the current value is around R20 000 to R25 000 ($1300 to $1600

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