Selling illegal Cigarettes in South Africa

The Shocking Truth why South Africans are Paying R200 for Cigarettes

No name and cheap brand cigarettes are now the no.1 seller in South Africa and the reason might not be what you think. Many people are accusing Dlamini-Zuma and her son for dealing with activities regarding the sales of illegal cigarettes in SA. This may or maybe not so, but this is The Shocking Truth why South Africans are Paying R200 for Cigarettes.

If you are buying illegal cigarettes in South Africa and you visit 2 or more shops in any given town, prices are always the same. We can confirm that when people talk about it on social media and WhatsApp groups. The question is how is that possible as no two towns is SA has the same infrastructure and access to illegal cigarette trading.

The answer and the shocking truth is that your Uncle Bobby is playing you and stealing your hard earn cash. In normal circumstances shop owners will only make around R3.50 per packet of smokes. They were never forced to do ridiculous price increases around South Africa, but did it out of free will. It is understandable that prices would increase in the lockdown for sales of illegal cigarettes, but never has a shop owner paid more than R50 for a packet of smokes. They are telling you brutal lies and stealing their loyal customers money. They are making up to R150 profit per packet of cigarettes. Don’t believe us, go to your Bangladesh or Pakistani shops and see how they have enriched themselves overnight. Struggling shops is now well stocked with products that they could never have bought in the first place.

The Shocking Truth why South Africans are Paying R200 for Cigarettes

How do they do it?

Many of you would know what the Mandela effect is. It was a communication process that former President Nelson Mandela created when he was in prison and could reach his following all over SA in a matter or days. No cellphones were available in those days and there was no better way to send a message to millions of people other than using the Mandela effect.

This is exactly what is happening in South Africa today. Tycoons and syndicates are sending messages to Province leaders and these Province leaders will send messages to their city and town leaders. The town leaders will send the updates to the shop owners. And that is how they get the prices all over South Africa the same and conning you to believe that they are the good Samaritans trying to help out the locals and risking to lose their businesses to do so. The black market fine is only R1500 should they be caught selling Illegal Cigarettes so why even bother looking over your shoulder if you are coining it big time. Note: Owning cigarettes in a shop is not illegal by South African law, only selling.

Time to go and have a chat with your local shop owner on why he is conning people that supported their business for years.

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The Shocking Truth why South Africans are Paying R200 for Cigarettes

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