Silver Candelabra John Mortimer Paul Storr Value

Remarkable traditional plan makes this a shocking candlestick. A three-sided plinth base is upheld by three strongly cast lion feet with acanthus leaf beautification. A lovely, tightened, fluted section rises up out of superbly cast foliage – Silver Candelabra John Mortimer Paul Storr Value

Mortimer & Hunt, successors to Paul Storr, Extremely Fine English Sterling Four Light Candelabrum, London, 1840/41

This fluted configuration proceeds outwards along the bended arms shrouded in cast and applied liquid, looking over foliage. A solitary cast blossom drops from each arm, an affirmation of the undeniably well known extravagant taste. One focal spout extends upwards from foliate design. This piece holds remarkable surface detail.

The base of the candlestick is completely checked and stepped ‘Mortimer and Hunt’. The entirety of the separable pieces including the socles, unique bobeches and trickle skillet bear the right date and lion passant (authentic) marks. One side of the plinth base is finely engraved with an escutcheon. It estimates 28.75 inches high, weighs 180 official ounces and is in phenomenal classical condition, with the exemption that one bloom is an (great) present day substitution.

Mortimer and Hunt(1839-1843) were replacements to ‘Storr and Mortimer, Goldsmiths and Jewelers to Her Majesty’ (1822-1839). The popular silversmith Paul Storr established the organization in 1792 under the name Storr and Co, and accepting John Mortimer as an accomplice in 1822 and John Samuel Hunt, Storr’s nephew (who had been working for Storr as a silversmith since 1810), as a third accomplice in 1826.

At the point when Paul Storr resigned from the firm on December 31, 1838, John Samuel Hunt’s child John Hunt turned into a third accomplice and they worked together as Mortimer and Hunt. At the point when John Mortimer resigned in 1843, the Hunts accepting Robert Roskell as an accomplice, proceeding with the business as ‘Chase and Roskell’. They kept on being one of Europe’s best silversmithing firms, offering to Queen Victoria and numerous individuals from Europe’s imperial and refined families and displaying at significant worldwide presentations including the ‘Precious stone Palace’ show of 1851.

Silver Candelabra John Mortimer Paul Storr Value R325 000 ($25 000)

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