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Silencers South Africa, suppressor, sound suppressor, or sound moderator is a device that reduces the sound intensity and muzzle flash when a firearm or air gun is discharged. It can be a detachable accessory to, or an integral part of, the muzzle or barrel.

Gms Suppressors South Africa

A typical silencer is a metal cylinder with internal sound baffles that slow and cool the escaping propellant gas, which decreases both sound volume and muzzle blast.

A flash suppressor, on the other hand, specifically cools or disperses burning gases typically exiting from the muzzle of a carbine-length weapon, without reference to sound reduction. In most countries, silencers are regulated along with firearms. Some jurisdictions allow, and even mandate, the sporting use of silencers, to reduce the risk of hearing loss and decrease noise pollution, while other governments ban them for civilian use.

Astra A50 – 7.65mm Silencer

GMS Suppressors manufacture standard and custom made silencers in South Africa.Leading silence manufacturers for rifles and handguns. Compliance Firearms-Control Legislation and Policy South Africa

Featured in Silencer History and Performance Vol 2 written by Alan C Paulson, N R Parker and Peter G Kokalis, published in 2002.

GMS Suppressors has been specializing in the manufacture of sound suppressors for more than 25 years

Silencers also known as Suppressors

Silencers, perhaps more accurately described as sound suppressors, reduce noise and prevent damage to shooters ears, mitigate recoil, can increase accuracy and generally make shooting more pleasurable for all concerned

Gms Suppressors South Africa

Final Thoughts

Every shooter and hunter should consider using suppressors. The fact is, silencers offer myriad benefits to shooters and only one disadvantage aside from their additional cost they alter the balance and length of most guns, making them somewhat less handy to carry. Regardless, silencers should be mainstream and as easy to buy as a standard firearm or even ammunition. For all of the previously stated reasons, you should consider purchasing a silencer. Your doing so will create more competition and likely cause prices to come down.
It will also make silencers more mainstream. Until average gun ownersand the general public see silencers being used by an everyday user in deer stands and public gun ranges. Countries such as Finland, Poland, Norway and Sweden, to name a few, have long recognized the advantage of firearm suppressors and advocate their use.

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