Reasons Why Minecraft is still Popular in 2020

When you search Minecraft in Google’s search engine you will find about 537 000 000 results and millions more on YouTube. So what makes Minecraft so popular after being more than 10 years in the market. Let’s look at the Reasons why Minecraft is so Popular

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Minecraft was so hugely popular that Microsoft bought it for $2.5 billion from its creator and distributor, Mojang in 2014.

Minecraft is an educational, fun game to play and probably the one game parents want their kids to play. You can be creative and build almost anything you want or recreate the maps of Lord of the Rings, Tomb Raider or even movie maps like Indiana Jones and the Lost Temple.

The game is available on many platforms including Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Android, Ios and Pc.

The Game with No Rules

The secret of Minecraft’s appeal is that there are no rules. No boundaries. It’s the ultimate sandbox game that allows players to build and explore their own world. One that just happens to be several times larger than the surface of the earth. There are two modes: ‘Survival’ where players use the 1 x 1 blocks to build shelters and turn raw materials into items to hide and protect them from monsters (zombies, skeletons, Creepers and Endermen etc.) and ‘Creative’ where players can roam freely to explore without encountering any threat. The only limit in the game is the player’s imagination.

Minecraft challenges the idea that computer games are inherently bad for children in many ways. Unlike many other games where players perform repetitive tasks to try and unlock the next level, this game is all about exploring creativity and building something unique. It also challenges the idea of gaming as a solitary, anti-social experience. The game undoubtedly provides a deep, immersive experience at the individual level, but its overwhelming popularity and sustained appeal is based on the fact that at its heart, Minecraft is about being with your friends and building something wonderful. There’s no way you can explore everything or build everything in the game, so it encourages players to share what they have created and find out what others have done.

In Survival mode a player faces zombies and must acquire the resources needed to build shelter, get food, and fight predators. In Creative mode, players have unlimited resources to mine from in order to build homes, towns, cities, whole worlds really.

Kids can be invited to join in each other’s worlds to play, create, fight the zombies or just build anything they can imagine, without the limits of the real physical world. Players use critical thinking and creative problem solving skills in all modes, which is a reason why, as Nadella stated, parents might actually want their kids to play this game. Minecraft encourages our kids to use technology creatively, a skill they will surely need in the future.

There are hundreds of thousands of Minecraft Videos to watch on YouTube and many creators has become famous and super rich with with creating Minecraft videos. Some of the top creators of this platform will include PopularMMOs, PewDiePie, DanTDM and Unspeakable.

Reasons Why Minecraft is still Popular in 2020
Reasons Why Minecraft is still Popular in 2020

More children and even adults get inspired by these videos and buy the game.

Minecraft allows you to download maps created by other players that you can modify and recreate.

It has captured the hearts of young and old and has sold more than 200 million copies. Mods and skins can be purchased on the Minecraft Market Store as an addition for Minecraft games as well as merch.

How has Minecraft achieved its position to top the list of the best selling video games of all time and why does it still continue to grow with older and newer generations.

According to Google Trends, online searches for Minecraft peaked in 2012 and 2013. They have been on a steady decline since then — until now. This month, Google searches for the game boosted to 76 percent of their all-time high. It surpassed even Fortnite, arguably the most popular game in the world in the past year

Reasons Why Minecraft is still Popular in 2020

What is Minecraft Age Restrictions.

Although children signing up for Minecraft are not asked for their age, it is restricted to the ages of 7+ up to 13+ depending on which version of the game they are playing.

Reasons Why Minecraft is still Popular in 2020

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