Pros and cons of living in South Africa

Pros and Cons of living in South Africa

South Africa is the most Southern country of Africa. It has coast lines stretching around 3000 km. South Africa has 9 provinces and 11 Official Languages, most people can speak English. The currency is ZAR or just Rand. Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of living in South Africa.

South Africa has many city’s and most of them are crowded and over populated. Each city has many suburbs and although traveling is a short distance it can still take you up to an hour to travel 15km due to heavy traffic. Most people leave their homes around 6 in the the morning to be at work half pass 7.

The further you move away from the city’s the less traffic you will find and more open spaces. SA have many small towns with hardly any traffic and this is usually underdeveloped towns with gravel roads and work is hard to find in these little towns.

This being said the crime rate is extremely high in populated areas and living close to cities you will have to upgrade your security systems. The further away you live from the cities the less crime you will find. It is common for homes in SA to have security systems such as cameras, electric fencing and burglar bars.

Pros of living in South Africa

  • Friendly People
  • Loads of activities including extreme sports, fishing and sight seeing
  • Sport loving nation
  • Many highly rated beaches
  • Big nature conservation’s
  • Business Opportunities
  • Advanced Technology

Cons of living in South Africa

  • High crime rates
  • Traveling is a nightmare
  • High taxes and inflation rates
  • High unemployment rate [Hard to find a job]
  • Safety concerns
  • Housing is expensive and monthly security charges
  • Holidays and accommodation is expensive

South Africans are friendly People

South Africa is a country filled with friendly people of great passion. There are a lot of difficulties in the country but when they need to stand together they do so. In hard times people still greet and help each other. One can be fascinated how a nation can turn off and forget their troubles when there are sports of importance. Stadiums and bars are packed and the nation becomes one. You will find the streets filled with flags and smiles and everyone supports.

Pros and Cons of living in South Africa
Friendly People of South Africa

Load of activities including extreme sports, fishing and sight seeing

There are many things to do in South Africa and they are not behind when it comes to extreme activities.

Shark diving, scuba diving and abseiling and surfing is just some of the wonderful things you can do in SA. There 1000’s of fishing spots inland and at the ocean where people fish for a living of fun.

South Africa has many small towns with  museums where you can learn about the history of the area and the country. Starting in Cape Town and moving North to Johannesburg the accent and dialect of people changes almost overnight.

Sports in SA

Soccer is the most favorite sport of South Africa. The national team is called Bafana Bafana and has a great following. Rugby and Cricket also gathers great audiences and this being said South Africa has won the Rugby World Cup 4 times.

Pros and Cons of living in South Africa

Most of South African towns have rugby and soccer clubs and weekends people gather to watch matches against the clubs rivals.

South African Beaches

South Africa Has a coastal line of around 3 000 km. That mean that there are many wonderful beaches in SA. From the bluff in Durban KZN to Camps Bay in Western Cape. Every year the big wave surfing competition is held just outside Houtbay and popular surfing beaches will include Plett and Muizenberg.

South Africa is run by the ANC [African National Congress] since 1994 after the release of the great Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela’s plan was to meet 5 years of aggressive affirmative action and 10 years of fading it out.

South Africa is still under aggressive affirmative action meaning that it is not as easy for caucation people to find work. Most caucation South Africans need to start their own businesses and if the business is successful they need to follow the BEE procedures and employ a majority of black people.

There are many townships close to cities. These areas are under immense economic pressure making it hard for people living and flourishing in live. It is considered surviving from day to day. Most of the people living in townships have to travel to towns with a taxi bus and have to leave early in the morning and getting home late.

One thing that all South African’s have in common is sport and braai [BBQ]. Soccer, Rugby and Cricket are among of the favorites and having a braai on weekends is a ritual by the rainbow nation. South Africa has produce great global sport stars in all genre of sports including soccer, rugby, cricket, swimming and tennis.

Best places to live in South Africa

Cape Town Western Cape  has been voted many years as the best province to live in. It has clean beaches, well taken cared National Parks and the most beautiful mountain ranges in South Africa. There are many shopping centers including the Centurion Mall, Cape Gate and the V and A Waterfront.

Activities and Places to see in Cape Town

  • SA Gold Museum
  • Table Mountain
  • Waterfront
  • Cape Town International Museum
  • Arts-cape Theatre
  • Beaches – Clifton, Camps Bay, Bloubergstrand, Hermanus, Strand and Cool Bay

Just like any city in South Africa you will find a wide range of restaurants that offer from crocodile to fish.

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Pros and Cons of living in South Africa

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