New Website The Beatles Fan Page

New Website The Beatles Fan Page

New Website The Beatles Fan Page – Join The Beatles Fan Club – Get unlimited lyric downloads and all the latest news on their brand new documentary “Get Back”

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Get the lyrics and guitar chords of all The Beatles songs with videos and snippets of the brand new Peter Jackson documentary “Get Back”

In January 1969 a film crew was given unprecedented access to the document The Beatles at Work. This resulted in over 57 hours of the most intimated footage aver shot of the band. The footage has been locked in a vault for over half a century. Unseen until now.

The Beatles have less than three weeks to write and record a new album with 14 songs. After a week George asked John how many do we have that is good enough on which John replied “None” Pressure and mood swings became a daily ritual for George, Paul, John and Ringo.

They would have to film a concert for the documentary and tv show. John was the only one willing to do so but Paul, Ringo and George was not keen and saw this challenge as impossible. This being said they have not played for an live audience in more than 3 years.

Tension was high but and John advised the group to say whatever comes in their heads until it becomes words. Ringo thought that the music was fine and George felt they must forget the idea of doing a live show the band was falling apart before he quits the group.

But then The Beatles did what they do best and start creating songs and wrote hits like never before.

Watch the official Trailer :The Beatles – Get Back

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New Website The Beatles Fan Page

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