Marketing Strategies for your Business in South Africa

Any profitable business but can also go sour very fast. You need to be hands on 24/7 to ensure that you are getting the most out of your career. Today we are going to look at Marketing Strategies for your Business in South Africa and how to get the most exposure

This is not an online course but a guide to help beginner and advanced business owners avoid mistakes and help make the right decisions when it comes to marketing and strategies.

Marketing Strategies for your Business in South Africa

The Importance of Marketing and Advertising

Renting or buying services that can improve your businesses and can quadruple your network

  • Local Internet Advertising and Internet Marketing Company
  • Website and Email Marketing
  • SEO Consulting Services and SEO Management Services
  • B2B Advertising Agency (Business to Business)
  • Yahoo Advertising
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Online Advertising
  • Online Video Marketing and Advertising
  • Search Engine Market Agency

Advertising and Marketing has never been so crucial to the success for many business in the 21st century. When you starting out as a small business most people ignore taxes, insurance and marketing. This is a vital ingredient to your success and it has to be introduces at early stages of your business plan so that you can get custom to the idea of paying taxes, insurance and marketing.

Do you need to pay for marketing and insurance? The answer in short is YES. Businesses without insurance and liability risk can ruin your career and get you in big trouble. Insuring vehicles, housing, implements and buildings like coops, warehouses and your own home is just as essential as any part of your business.

Local Internet Advertising

Advertising your business can be achieved by social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Most groups accept local businesses and people do like to give attention to quality related products.

Website and Email Marketing

Creating a website and optimizing your website for your area is easy and in most cases not expensive. People will gain more trust in your business if you link a Facebook page to your website or visa versa. You can use paid marketing strategies that will boost your websites visitors. Both Google (Adsense) and Facebook is an excellent product to use and can proof very valuable if you are a starter farmer and need exposure fast.

Email Marketing is a great way to build client relations and building a network can boost your business fast. You can ask people to subscribe to your website or Facebook group via email

Marketing Strategies for your Business in SA
Mail Chimp is Free on WordPress Websites and a great way to build an Audience

SEO Consulting Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is no longer something a business can ignore. Without proper SEO your business might only be ranked on Page 3 or 4 in Google. That is now commonly know as dark or deep web as no one really search that far. Investing in an SEO Consulting or SEO Management Services can really give your business a magnificent boost and help you get clients that want or need your products.

B2B Advertising Agency (Business to Business)

Business to Business also know as b2b is the step you need to take when your business is established and you are ready to expand. Supplying your products to businesses will ensure long standing contracts and in most cases your business can grow into an small enterprise and will be creating much needed jobs.

Yahoo Advertising

Why on earth would I bring up Yahoo advertising. This answer is simple. If your business is ready to export products keep in mind that a lot of African countries and India are mainly Yahoo driven. You can drive a lot of traffic or visitors to your website as well as Facebook page and therefore increase your revenue.

eCommerce SEO

If your business can sell products that can be shipped anywhere in the country or even overseas you should consider creating an eCommerce website. The beauty of an eCommerce is that it works for you day and night. Make sure to have proper SEO done on your eCommerce website to maximize your business profits.

Online Advertising

Advertising your business online as mentioned is crucial to startup or exciting businesses. There are many platforms you can use other than Facebook and Google Ads to get visitors to come look at your products. Free advertising websites like Gumtree and Olx can drive a large number of visitors to your website and telling people about your business on platforms like Reddit, LinkedIn and Tumbler is another positive step to get those valuable traffic links.

Online Video Marketing and Advertising

Some people want to see. Seeing is believing and there is no better platform to use than YouTube and Vimeo. You can educate people via these video platforms and also link your website to published videos. This is a great way of marketing that can be shared on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter without any costs.

Marketing Strategies for your Business in SA

Tools that you will need Growing your Business that are often not calculated in your plan

  • Network Firewall and Internet Firewall Security
  • Mobile Broadband and WiFi Internet Services
  • Geico insurance
  • Home and Car Insurance
  • Implement and other Auto Insurance
  • Barn, Store and Coop Insurance
  • Legal and Planning Cost
  • Life and health Insurance
  • Accountant and Tax Planning

Insurance is not essential but might be an added value to your business.

Find Which Keywords are Driving the Most Revenue to Your Competitors
Sometimes your competitors may already know a thing or two that you don’t, and it never hurts to snag a few of their best keywords so that you can profit, too.


When you are adverting your site as a publisher, you should do a little extra research to ensure that you are getting the biggest payout possible. Remember, though, that you will likely only be successful if you are choosing the most profitable niches that are relevant to your target audience

Know your customers, and think about what would be most relevant to them. The more relevant the website or ad, the more likely they will click, and that is how you maximize your revenue overall.

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