Lorenzl Bronze Dancing Figurines Value

Josef Lorenzl was an Austrian sculptor and ceramicist of the Art Deco period, the same era as Ferdinand Preiss and Demetre Chiparus – Lorenzl Bronze Dancing Figurines Value.

Josef Lorenzl was born in Vienna on 1st September 1892. Little has been discovered about his early life, however, it is known that he started out working at the Vienna Arsenal in the foundry where he learned the techniques of bronze casting. Working from a studio in the company’s grounds, he was able to produce many bronze and chryselephantine sculptures. Lorenzl was captivated by the female form he became well known for his shapely dancing girls with long, elegant legs and closed eyes. Lorenzl also was a gifted ceramicist, producing pieces for Goldscheider.
Members of the British Antique Dealers Association (BADA) the London and Provincial Antique Dealers Association (LAPADA).

Lorenzl Bronze Dancing Figurines Value From R12 000 to R100 000 ($800 – $7000)

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