Drink o' clock South Africa

It’s Drink O’Clock in South Africa!

Yes, It’s Drink O’Clock in South Africa! This date surely will be remembered. Lock down day 67 and the 1st of June 2020. Level 3 Lock down means the Alcohol banned is lifted.

The strictest Covid 19 Lock down regimes:

South Africa is now known to the World with one of the the strictest Covid 19 Lock down regimes and the” Alcohol and Tobacco” ban is ranking the highest. But today proved that NO SPIRIT is broken, and South Africans jumped out early as possible to get their hands on some their favourite refreshments!

Prices seems to be in order:

No excessive price hikes were noted and it seems that all is ok when the public were doing their stock pile shopping. Some stores allowed orders online before opening today but…there still is a quantity control. The anticipation for patrons and high demands was noticeable when almost every liquor store had a queue and everybody patiently abiding with the distance rule.

It’s Heaven!!!

It's Drink O'Clock in South Africa!

If you ask anyone when shopping,”How does it feel to shop for Alcohol” the Afrikaans saying: ” n engel het op my tong gepiepie” comes to mind which means “Its Heaven on the tongue”

On Social media and listening to radio broadcasts, it’s clear South Africa is going to enjoy their drink today and South Africa is still known for making the best wines and spirits in world!! How can we not enjoy what nature gives us! Not to mention the happiness on everybody’s faces.

Today a Nation is happy. Bringing some joy to a depressing situation we all find ourselves. Social distancing is still essential but a pick with a glass of your favourite alcohol drink will be shared today on social media!!!

It’s Drink O’ Clock South Africa. Cheers to All!!!

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