How to Play COD Mobile

How to Play COD Mobile

One thing about COD Mobile is that it is super fun and one of the most downloaded mobile games of all time. Cod Mobile is a well designed clean first or third person game with astonishing graphics that runs smoothly on most devices. We will show you How to Play COD Mobile like a pro with some valuable ways to setup your game.

You can Download COD Mobile from Google Play Store or Apple Aps Store

After installing the game on your mobile phone you can play as a Guest or create an account via Facebook, Google or you can register an account with Call of Duty.

Upon register, set your login details to “remember me” so that you do not have to login everyday.

Once your games is downloaded and you have registered you will have to download extra features including:

  • Maps for Multi-Player and Ranked Matches
  • Maps for Battle Royale ( Alcatraz and Classic)
  • Weapons and Camo’s
  • Soldiers
How to Play COD Mobile

Get ready to Play COD Mobile

The game will take you through a fast tutorial and then allow you to play two games to assist you and choose your layout.

After that you will play 5 more rounds with AI’s or Bots.

You are now on your own!

The levels are fairly easy up to level 50 but be sure to set a perfect layout and maximize or minimize some features in the layout that you will use or might even not use. That will give you an advantage for speed and movement.

What exactly is Prone in COD Mobile and how to use it

One vital option in the layout is the “Hide Prone Button (Hold Crouch to Prone) Make sure that it is on in the Settings>Basic. If you get used to proning (laying down superfast) you have an incredible advantage over your opponents. Most players keep their aim to high or to low meaning if you prone they have to aim on the ground making it hard to find you and giving you time to knock them down fast. Do not prone for to long as snipers will spot you and it usually ends up with a one shot kill.

How to Play COD Mobile

Move Around and never be Static

A good player should move around fast and know how to jump, slide and prone. That will confuse your opponent and give you the upper hand knocking them down fast and continuously. These techniques will improve your K.D. and gameplay if you start using it from the word go. Your brain get’s trained to work out patterns and routines in COD so be assure to get the jump, slide and prone right from the start.

Weapons of COD Mobile

You will start with the MP 4 but will soon get more weapons to chose from as you climb the ranks and reach higher levels. The MP4 and PDW-57 (SMG) is an excellent choice for beginner players. These type of guns is has a high fire rate and excellent mobility. (You need to move fast in COD Mobile)

Do not spend to much upgrade cards on these weapons as you will get more powerful guns soon. I personally like the AK711 due to it’s mobility, accuracy and fast reloading and you can take that weapon all the way to the maximum game level of 150.

Examples of guns that has more power but lower mobility is the ASM10, AK47 and Man-o-war. The AK117 (Assault Riffle) has a perfect balance when it comes to speed, fast reloading, accuracy and range. You can use this weapon all the way to level 150. Whatever weapons you choose for Call of Duty Mobile you will learn what your favorites are and what work for you.

How to Play COD Mobile
The AK117 Is a great allrounder gun for beginner and advanced COD Mobile players

Collecting XP Cards

XP Cards can be collected in daily tasks, rank rewards and battles You use them to upgrade weapons. The higher the level the more XP cards you will need to upgrade your guns. You will get to a point where you do not have XP cards and that will slow down your progress if you have to upgrade weapons for tasks.

Daily tasks include sending 5 XP cards to other players and you do not want to give them valuable XP cards away in the beginning of your career.

The easiest way to get more XP cards fast is to befriend other players and do so often. After each game there will be a result and a option to add a player as a friend. A good strategy is to send a friend request to the two top players after a match and in return you will receive many XP cards daily from other players that have to send 5 XP cards as a daily task.

How to get free Characters in COD Mobile?

You will get daily tasks and after completing them you will be rewarded with an supply box.

This will allow you to get guns, XP cards, credits and a change to receive an Character.

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