How to pop a balloon without touching it and orange juice

How to make a balloon pop with Orange Juice

Show your friends that you are a real magician by – How to make a balloon pop with Orange Juice

3 Secret ways to make a balloon pop without using your hands

Secret of the trick is juice from orange skin or any other citrus fruit skin.

Tiny drop of juice will make the balloon pop.

There are a few way to perform the trick.

You can wet the finger with the juice and touch the balloon.

By doing that, balloon will explode.

Another way to do it is by squeezing the skin in direction of the balloon.

You can try to do it discreetly with another hand.

The amount of juice needed is very little.

3rd way to do it is by wetting your hand with the juice.

Move your hand on top of the balloon and try to shake off a drop of juice.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to do it. It will require a lot of oranges to get enough juice to make your hands wet enough.

Have you noticed that an orange peel can pop a balloon? Imagine that a party is going on at home. Someone peels an orange, while standing next to balloons. The balloon goes pop! Most people discover the effect of orange peel on balloons quite accidentally. A few drops of the juice squeezed out from an orange peel is sufficient to pop an inflated balloon. Let us try this orange peel balloon pop experiment, and learn the science behind.

Materials Needed

Balloon – 1
Orange – 1

Follow these simple steps

  1. Inflate the balloon and tie a knot at the end, so that the air will not escape.
  2. Peel the orange, and keep the orange peels aside.
  3. Bring the peel close to the balloon. Squeeze it without touching the balloon. Observe the effect of the juice on the balloon.
  4. As soon as the droplets of the orange peel juice fall over the balloon, it pops. The result is immediate.

Wat did you learn?

So what is so special about orange peel that it caused the balloon to pop? It is just a liquid, and has no sharp edges. Still the balloon pops. Orange peel contains a chemical called limonene, which is a hydrocarbon. Balloon is made of rubber, which also happens to be a hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbons are non-polar substances. A basic rule of chemistry states that hydrocarbons, due to their non-polar properties, mix and dissolve into each other.

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