How to create a WordPress Website

How to Install WordPress from cPanel

You have created your email accounts and at least one MySQL users. This mean that you are now ready to Install WordPress from your cPanel

Login to your cPanel that was given to you by your hosting provider.

Scroll down to almost the bottom of the page where you will find the WordPress icon.

Click on the icon

How to Install WordPress from cPanel

Softaculous Will open and click on install.

The installation page will now open. It is very important to remove the extension WP in the directory slot. Look at the image and make sure you delete the WP

You need to fill in the following

We are creating a leather company for the purpose of this tutorial

  • Your Site name
  • The site Description
  • Username example admin, Steve, Susan etc.
  • A Strong Password – Remember to save your Password
  • An email address that you have created – In our scenario it will be
How to Install WordPress from cPanel

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click install.

If your installation was successful you will get an message like the one below

You can log into your website by using the website URL and wp-admin extension


Make sure to go to the next tutorial to choose an template.

Click on the course you want to do

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How to Install WordPress from cPanel

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