How to get Free Guitar Back Tracks

How to get Free Guitar Back Tracks

There are many sites that claim you can get free guitar or vocal back tracks but upon your visit their site you get re-directed to a paying site for guitar or vocal backing tracks. In many cases you get re-directed to a site that does not offer backtracks and they use the keywords for clickbait. Let take a look at how to get free guitar back tracks.

I have spend hours trying to get free backing tracks for music that I enjoy playing but with no success until I stumbled upon

Backing Tracks offers guitar, bass and vocal backing tracks with unlimited downloads and you can even request a song should you need to do so.

The website is still small but upload of new music is done daily. Many songs have demos that you can listen to before you do the download.

All downloads is instant and free. The files that you download is in an mp3 format and therefore can be played on many devices

Visist BankingTracks to download your favourite guitar or vocal backing tracks

How to get Free Guitar Back Tracks

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