How to create an email in cPanel for WordPress

How to Create an Email Account in cPanel

For this WordPress tutorial we will show you how to create an email account in cPanel for your WordPress Website. Depending on your hosting package you can create at least 10 business email accounts or personal email accounts for your company.

Lets get Started

Log into your cPanel that you will find within your dashboard given by your hosting company.

Select email accounts

Click on Create – This will allow you to create a new email account

Note that you can repeat this procedure until you have all the emails you require.

Add a username – In this case for the email we want to create we will use the word admin. Make sure to generate a strong password and then click on Create.

Your email has now been created. Make sure to write down and store your password in a safe place.

To change your password you can go to manage emails. You will now have to connect the email that you created to your Laptop, Pc or mobile device. Click on Connect devices and use the information to connect with an device of your choice.

Remember to add the password that you created for your email account. If you no longer require the email you can just go back to your dashboard click on emails and delete the email account.

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How to Create an Email Account in cPanel

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