How to create a WordPress Post and get the best optimization

How to create a post in WordPress

How to create a post in WordPress and get the best possible optimization so that it ranks well in Google search engines.

Tips on getting started

  • Title your post
  • Give a good description about what you are writing about and make sure that your post is at least 300 words long.
  • Make sure that you have images and that they have alt-text link to them. You can do this when you upload your image with the alt-text block
  • Make sure that your post header is in the Focus Phrase. This will give you extra boost on Google when you publish your post
  • Make sure you give a good meta description – this is the part people will see when they search keywords related to your post on Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  • Add your post to a category – this will keep your website neat and tidy and also increase the chance of a visitor reading more of your posts in that same category
  • Add some tags to your post. About 4 to 6 tags should be enough, don’t overdo it.
  • Add a feature image and make sure that you have used the Alt-text function to describe that the image is relative to your post
  • Publish your post

The Title

Make sure your post has a catchy title and that it is relevant to your post. We always say that you are writing for Google. Once Google has read and analyzed your post you will get an ranking.

The content of your post

Make sure that your post has a minimum of 300 words. Use your title in the first paragraph and add some images. Make sure that you add your title to at least two of your images – to do this click on image and place your title of the post in the Alt Text Box as shown on the picture below

How to create a post in WordPress

Categorize your Post

To categorize a post click on Post on the right of your screen.

You can add your post to an existing category or add a new on under the Add new Category button

Adding Tags to your post

Adding tags to your post is very important for good rankings but do not overdo it. 4 To 6 tags is enough for Google to understand what your post is about.

To add tags click on the post icon on the right of your screen and scroll down to Add New Tag

Creating post in WordPress, WordPress Posts

Use your SEO Tool

If you installed the Yoast SEO tool then use it to make sure you have done everything you could to get higher rankings on search engines. Here you can see that the focus keyphrase was only found once and Yoast recommend that you should use it at lease twice for a text of this length.

Publishing your Post

Make sure to publish your post when you are satisfied that it is ready for the world to read. You can save your post in a draft if you are tired and need to work on it at a later stage.

Tip on getting a word count from your post

On the top screen you will find and information button. Use this to see how many words you have used in your post.

Creating post in WordPress, WordPress Posts

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How to create a post in WordPress

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