How to become TikTok Famous in South Africa

How to become TikTok Famous in South Africa – TikTok is a Social Media Video App that works with both IOS and Android. It can be downloaded on Google Play Store and is compatible with most phones. ByteDance has previously launched Douyin for the Chinese market but in 2017 ByteDance released it for the rest of the world.

Want to become TikTok Famous in South Africa?

Pick a Topic – Viewers and Followers would like to know what content is about and expect videos in that niche. If you are mainly lip-syncing famous quotes and lines from comedy or movies then duet famous Tiktokers. Don’t be afraid to mention the person that you are doing a duet with as the change is that they would like and share your video.

Use Hashtags. So many users of TikTok complain that they don’t get views or followers although their content quality is as good as famous Tiktokers. Hashtags give your video a chance to reach a broader audience and should generate more views and even followers. Hashtags do not have to be trending for your videos to get more views.

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Follow Back. This is vital for a new user on Tiktok to not only expect followers, but to follow back. Liking a video from someone you follow usually diverts back with a like to one of your videos.

Never compromise Quality – Try your best to make quality videos with backgrounds that is bright and colourful. Try to look at your best when making a video – In a nutshell, look attractive.

Post regularly, be consistent and go live at least once per week.

Share your videos on other social platforms and don’t be afraid to mention your TikTok account in your Instagram or Facebook account.

Make sure you give the love back by doing duets with your followers. That means more love, more shares and more likes.

Finally, reply to all your comments and keep them positive!



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