Homemade Chicken Feeder Step by Step

Homemade Chicken Feeder Step by Step: You will need

• An PVC Pipe (110mm or bigger)

• 110mm Wooden Planks

• 38mm Screws

• PVC End Caps or Wood

• Tools – Hammer, Saw and a Drill

All the materials was found on our farm. We did not want to buy end caps on the pvc pipe so we used wood that was cut in 200mm x 110mm pieces

Chicken Feeders are expensive and in some areas hard to get. Our local hardware store does not keep nor supply us with chicken feeders so we had to improvise.

Finding the materials was easy and old PVC pipes were lying around, so this project went very well and we were done in less than two hours. We could make 4 chicken feeders with one old PVC pipe and use it for day old chickens up to fully grown chickens.

Watch Video to see how to put the materials together

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Homemade Chicken Feeder Step by Step

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