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Grapjas Didi on TikTok

My journey on TikTok is a crazy one. It started with my son showing me some videos on the TikTok App. First it was fun to watch, but on one misty winters day I thought, what the hell, let me give it a shot – Grapjas Didi on TikTok

I created my first video and boy when I clicked that Post Now button I was so nervous I could thread a sewing machine while it was still running.

If I remember correctly I got something like 80 views and 3 likes and thought oh well, I did my best. Or did I? A couple of days went buy and then I did another, this time the likes and views were more, don’t ask me how many, because I really don’t know what the numbers were. I thought I would do another and that was complimented by another and before you know it I have created more that 400 TikTok Videos.

Grapjas Didi on TikTok

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