Free State Investors hits Jackpot with Rich Helium Find

Rich Concentrates of Helium also know as (He) was found in Virginia close to Welkom South Africa. Helium with concentration greater that 0.5% of helium natural gas is considered as “Rich” and well worth harvesting. Stef Marani and Nick Mitchell two Free State Investors hits Jackpot with Rich Helium Find

Renergen has just reported some methane fields that contains 3.4% helium concentrate and one well detected an astonishing concentrations of up to 11%. Free State just became of the major players and could be producing 5% of the worlds helium in the near future. The helium find comes with great timing as there is a global shortfall of 40% and rising since 2013. The find in Virginia could be an all-round relieve as helium are used for an inert shield in arc welding, medical equipment and scanners, to pressurize the fuel tanks of liquid fueled rockets and in supersonic wind tunnels.

Stef Marani and Nick Mitchell invested in the land for other purposes and only paid $1 before discovering the rich helium wells. They are now the owners of the richest helium concentrations ever recorded in the world.

“Sometimes it’s the lack of knowledge of what you’re getting into that probably helps with the discovery in the first place,” they say.

Stef Blogged that when they took test samples from gas of existing drilled holes they were surprised the to see 2% helium concentration in the gas. Everything changed! At that point, the best helium concentration in the world was in the United States with an average concentration of just 0.35% across the country. Stef then blogged: “We knew we had something special. It turned out to be the richest helium reserve in the world!”

Renergen (their company) describes itself as an emerging helium and domestic natural gas producer, which holds the rights to rich renewable natural gas fields with exceptionally high helium concentrations, which render it a major global helium resource”.

The Huge Gas Strike was made in Virginia, Free State, a small mining town in South Africa. The news is spreading like wild fire. A proudly South African project that will benefit so many Free State people, creating much needed jobs especially in a crucial times where many people have lost their jobs in the Mining Industry.

Who is Stef Marani and Nick Mitchell?

An IT guy and a Banker:

Free State Investors hits Jackpot with Rich Helium Find

Two local South Africans, one an IT guy, and the other a Banker, bought a piece of land about 187 000 ha in the area spanning across Virginia, Welkom and Theunissen in the Free State. Nick Mitchell and Stef Marani are the two investors who bought the property 7 years ago. They bought this land with Gas Rights and the purpose as we understand was, for extracting natural gas for Diesel under the name Renergen

Rusted Pipe sticking out of the ground:

Whilst walking on the land they noticed a rusted pipe sticking out of the ground and when checked, they saw something blowing out of the ground. After testing they found it to be Helium. They were very surprised, but knew nothing of Helium except that it goes into balloons.

Testing For Helium:

At first when these two guys had the Helium tested, they found 2% from the natural gas they were originally extracting for Diesel. They started contacting many Companies all over the world to see who would be interested. The interest was not there in the beginning as they were told that 2% was not enough. With persistency and doing more homework, they got the attention of the Americans who invested about $40million USA dollars for testing.

Helium :

 Huge Gas Strike in Free State South Africa

Helium(He) comes from the Greek work Helios – is a chemical element inert gas of the periodic table. The second lightest element(only hydrogen is lighter). It is a colorless, odorless and tasteless and becomes liquid at -268.9C (-452F). Helium was discovered in the gaseous atmosphere surrounding the Sun by astronomer Pierre Janssen. Its use is not only for party balloons as we know it but for: welding, scuba diving, fuel rockets ,tv’s, and cellphones to name but a few. A very valuable gas. There is no chemical way to manufacture Helium.

Alarm Bells:

Renergen, the company who owns this land soon made another discovery. Alarm bells or sensors went off chart when they hit a fault where Helium was coming up. Tested, this presented with 12% of the natural gas. What a huge natural Gas find!! Making Virginia Tetra 4 Gas Project, a major supplier to the world.

South Africa – now a producer of Helium:

Now South Africa is a producer of this sought after natural gas and is part of the 8 Countries that produce Helium. There was a fear that this gas will soon run out according to latest scientist reviews. Carte Blanche ( a South African journalism News Series) who recently interviewed the two South Africans about their finding also got an opinion from a Professor from Wits University, who said that this discovery is so miraculous because of its biological process. This process making the gas renewable, will just continue to produce and regenerate.

Some Key Factors of the Company Renergen:

  • First and only onshore petroleum production in SA
  • A clean substitute for transport fuel, thermal fuel and power
  • Revenue linked to US Dollar
  • One of the richest sources of Helium recorded globally

For more information visit their website:

For South Africans this was the best news since chocolate. This gives us hope and and the good news is we will not run out of Helium because of this find and the benefit it holds for all.

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Free State Investors hits Jackpot with Rich Helium Find

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