Free Range Pig Farming vs Intensive Pig Farming

Pig Farming – Free Range and Intensive Pig Farming, which route should you go when you are thinking about Farming with Pigs. In this article, we will discuss the options.

Free Range Pig Farming VS Intensive Pig Farming.

Over a couple of months, we have tested Free-range vs IntensiveFarming. We always knew that caged pigs grow faster, but had to do these test’s to see for ourselves which option is better. Caged pigs grow on average 0.9kg with the right feed per day. So after the test, we have concluded that caged pigs can grow up to 100kg in just 5 months while free-range pigs take 2 to 3 months longer. You save more money on feed cost, but you need plenty of space to practice free range pig farming and you still need to give them protein in the form of grains.

In this short video I explain the differences between Free Range and Intensive Farming

Pig Farming Free Range – What you need to Know

The general rule of Free Range Pig Farming is that you need space, and lots of it. Pigs need access to fresh water and water to cool them down in hot summer days. Our Free Range Pigs live on about 3 to 4 hectare and have a dam where they can swim and cool down.

Pigs need Fresh Drinking water on a daily basis. Although they have lots of plants, roots and earthworms to dig out. they need proteins in the form of Wheat, Barley and Corn.

Here is a short video of our Operation

Extra Protein when Farming with Free Range Pigs

Pigs can not live with only plants and roots, so you need to give them extra protein. In the dry season we give them extra greens that we harvest on our lands and some trees like Port Jackson have nutrients and natural vitamins that pigs not only need, but love.

We soak wheat for 12 hours in water so that it becomes soft there is no wastage when feeding the pigs. Barley needs to be soaked for 5 days before we can feed them to the pigs.

Final Thoughts:

Farming with Free Range Pigs you need plenty of space. Keeping that in mind it does become harder to de-worm the pigs and give them the necessary medication or even treat them for illness.

Should you want to see more videos on Pig Farming you can watch them on YouTube

Free Range Pig Farming vs Intensive Pig Farming

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Free Range Pig Farming vs Intensive Pig Farming

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