Exact Level 3 Lockdown Rules for SA 2021

The periodical formally moves the nation to a changed lockdown level 3, and causes changes to the standards and guidelines set up to shield the nation from a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. – Exact Level 3 Lockdown Rules for SA 2021

“We have let down our guard, and unfortunately we are now paying the price,” Ramaphosa said. “We can only weather this storm if we immediately and fundamentally change our mindsets.”

Exact Lockdown Rules for SA 2021
Exact Lockdown Rules for SA 2021

Time limitation (Curfew)

Under lockdown level 3, each individual will be restricted to their place of home from 21h00 to 06h00, and won’t be permitted out except if they are allowed exclusion from an important bureau serve by means of guideline (basic administrations), or need to take care of a health related crisis.

Organizations should close their entryways at 20h00.

This incorporates:

  • Theaters
  • Casino’s
  • Movies
  • Clubs
  • Museums
  • Restaurants
  • Sport Centers and Gyms

Wearing Masks

Wearing face veils is currently compulsory for each individual in a public spot.

Any individual who neglects to agree to a verbal guidance by a requirement official to wear one is submitting an offense and may confront indictment.

This could brings about a fine of up to R2000 or prison time not surpassing a half year, or both.

You won’t be permitted to utilize public vehicle or enter any open structures without a mask. Businesses are not permitted to allow their representatives to work without a face cover.

The solitary special case in the gazette is that a face cover isn’t needed while doing ‘fiery exercise’ – however it is up to the minister of health to figure out what establishes this sort of activity.

Organizations and Business Venues

Business and settings need to decide the territory of floor space on their premises and utilize this data to decide the specific number of clients and representatives permitted at some random time.

Social separating measures should be authorized consistently, and sanitisers should be accessible for use.

Inability to follow these guidelines is an offense and can bring about a fine or detainment, or both.

The following are closed to the general public:

  • Night clubs;
  • Swimming pools (except for professional training);
  • Bars, taverns and shebeens;
  • Public parks, including facilities there, where there is no access control;
  • Beaches, parks and dams in hotspot areas.

Participation at burial services is restricted to a limit of 50 individuals, and the length is restricted to 2 hours.

Night vigils are not permitted, and after-burial service get-togethers are prohibited.

At burial services, participants should wear a cover and the gathering should not exceed 50 people

Social affairs and gatherings

All social events, including religious get-togethers are disallowed for 14 days. This incorporates political and customary gathering occasions.

Get-togethers for the motivations behind work are allowed, yet need to follow exacting social removing measures.

Films, theaters, club, galleries, libraries, donning grounds, eateries and sales are permitted to keep working, yet are restricted to 50 individuals or less inside and 100 individuals or less outside, and are dependent upon a similar exacting social separating measures.

At no time can the quantity of individuals surpass half of a setting’s ability, in the event that it is too little to even think about taking 50 individuals.

Lodgings, hotels, overnight boardinghouses and resorts are permitted to take full limit of accessible spaces for convenience, with social separating measures set up.

Nonetheless, feasting and amusement offices at these spots should follow similar rules as above.

Markets, shops, stores and drug stores are restricted uniquely to half of floor space.


Game occasion, both expert and non-proficient are permitted, yet should follow the new guidelines which include:

No observers are permitted to go to matches;

Just the necessary number of players, coordinate authorities and care staff are permitted;

Writers, TV teams, security faculty, crisis administrations and setting workers are permitted at the scene;

Worldwide occasions may just be held with groups from low or medium danger nations;

Some other headings gave by the game or wellbeing clergyman.


Travel is as yet allowed. It is up to the minister of transport to decide the particular bearings for this area.

Nonetheless, the guidelines indicate that these divisions need to get ready for the arrival of South Africans to work, and have to spread out the designs for homegrown air travel and other public vehicle frameworks.

A few points of interest for public vehicle include:

Transport and taxi administrations may not convey over 70% limit with regards to significant distance travel (>200km), and may convey 100% limit with regards to some other excursion.

Drivers may not permit any travelers to go without a cover.


Liquor deals are prohibited, for both off-site and on location utilization.

Utilization of liquor openly spaces is denied, and wine sampling and the selling of alcohol to the general population in any structure isn’t permitted.

Shipping alcohol is likewise prohibited, aside from where it’s for the utilization in the assembling of hand sanitisers and family unit cleaning items, for trade purposes, or for capacity.’

Clarity on regulations on Level 3 Lockdown

Nkosazana Damini-Zuma explained a couple of purposes of disarray around the lockdown guidelines, especially around movement and parties.

All parties are disallowed for 14 days – there is no qualification between a public social event and private get-together. All get-togethers are influenced. This implies private gatherings and social affairs of companions are not considered the specified period. This will be audited after the 14 days are up.

Between commonplace travel is permitted – individuals are away on vacation and need the opportunity to get back. So between commonplace travel is allowed “for the time being”, Dlamini-Zuma said.

Ramaphosa said that the move plans to restrict super-spreader occasions further, and will change past level 3 guidelines to keep the economy as open as could be expected under the circumstances.

It will likewise permit government to zero in on the social removing measures, and intends to facilitate the tension on emergency clinics and wellbeing laborers.

The change follows gatherings held by the president and his bureau as a feature of the National Coronavirus Command Council on Sunday, and come as the nation outperforms 1 million total Covid-19 contaminations and record day by day increments.

A further 7,458 new cases were recorded on 28 December, taking the total absolute since the beginning of the pandemic to 1,011,871. The nation has announced 27,071 passings from the infection, as per the most recent information from the Department of Health.

Exact Level 3 Lockdown Rules for SA 2021

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