Easily Create A Will On MyWill

MyWill is an efficient and affordable online solution for creating a Will, available as a service on the MyLegal online law platform – Easily Create A Will On MyWill

MyWill is an innovative online solution that allows anyone to quickly and affordably create a valid Will at a once-off fee of R199 for a Single Will – or pay R250 once-off for a Joint Will. With the recently reported spike in requests for Wills, South Africans are waking up to the seriousness of protecting loved ones and their assets, should they pass away.

The brainchild of attorney Matthew De Wet, MyWill reimagines the way we think about the legal process behind a Will. The often-complicated process of creating a Will, has been simplified and automated, a process that attorneys study years to perfect.

“MyWill was created to ensure that no family is left fighting complicated legal battles after losing a loved one,” says attorney Matthew De Wet.

If you die without a Will, according to South African law your estate will be divided between family members and no consideration will be given to any of your wishes, including the guardianship and inheritance of minor children, the appointment of your executor or the future of any assets and businesses that are co-owned.

“Addressing these factors on MyWill not only protects your family from unforeseen emotional strain, but will ensure they have a stable income and place to live in the months following your passing,” he says.

By applying their technical skill and ethical expertise in the building of MyWill, the legal team at De Wet du Plessis Attorneys were able to find a practical way to make legal advice accessible to everyone who needs it. A user of MyWill can create a legally sound and binding Will in a matter of minutes.

The MyWill software guides users easily through the legalese involved in the process of translating personal wishes into a Will. If at any point you do not understand a term or phrase used, the platform allows users to hover their cursors over the question mark tool and get a full, yet simple, explanation.

Easily Create A Will On MyWill

With MyWill the many unforeseen consequences of dying without a Will are all taken care of including: the guardianship and inheritance of minor children; the continuation of any family business; the listing and fair division of assets; the appointment of an executor, who the balance of the estate goes to, and specific funeral directions.

Once the Will has been properly signed, according to specific rules that the platform outlines, you are left with a legally binding document.

If you can’t print your Will or have it witnessed due to your lockdown conditions as required by law, De Wet du Plessis Attorneys has it covered and will send you lockdown instructions guiding you on how to validly and lawfully execute your Will. These instructions will accompany your Will built on their platform.

The platform encourages you to stipulate any previous Wills you may have had that are no longer valid and offers important advice, such as telling your executor what your wishes are, as well as where your Will and relevant documents are being kept.

MyWill allows you to update your Will without costly trips to the lawyer’s office. This is useful since you should update your will upon the death of anyone named in your Will; illness of anyone in your Will; changes to the relationship status of parties named in a joint Will; the birth of new family members; the inclusion of new family members and the sale of any assets named in your Will, or upon material changes in assets in your estate.

Your Last Will and Testament is not only an important part of any estate plan but of life itself. Creating and understanding your Will gives you the peace of mind that your wishes for your family, business and assets will be followed, rather than being ignored by a rather impassionate national legal system.

For more information on MyWill visit our website here: https://dwdplaw.co.za/products/last-will-and-testament or e-mail matthew@dwdplaw.co.za

Owner and named partner at De Wet Du Plessis Attorneys and founder of MyLegal – has a talent for discovering elegant solutions for some of the laws most complicated issues.

Matthew De Wet Biography

Matthew De Wet Biography

Driven by his need to understand the intricate legalities surrounding life, and death, Matthew was inspired to create MyWill in the hope that having a legally sound plan will ease what is an exceedingly difficult time in a family’s life. He is inspired to find legally excellent, easy to understand solutions for every one of his clients.

MyWill is a service offered on MyLegal, an online law platform, that is specifically designed to provide every individual with an affordable way to ensure that their wishes are fulfilled, and their families properly taken care of after their passing. By applying both his technical skill and ethical expertise in the design of MyWill Matthew was able to find a practical way to make legal advice accessible to everyone who needs it.

After completing his extensive studies – including a Bachelor of commerce in Economics and Law, a Bachelor of Law and a Higher Diploma in tax – Matthew went on to work in the tax department of one of the top audit firms which in combination with his education enabled him to become highly specialized in commercial, tax and estate planning law.

In his career as an attorney he is experienced in both estate planning and the administration of deceased estates which taught him that preparing a will is a critical step in the proper planning of an estate. Having a skilled attorney who can easily explain multifaceted legalities around estates can provide individuals with peace of mind.

His pragmatic nature and attention to detail allows Matthew to analyse and understand the nature of any problem, deconstruct it into manageable pieces and guide his clients on the best steps to achieve the best outcome for their unique situation. Matthew is an avid musician and enjoys playing drums for his local church and running in his spare time. He is a dedicated husband to his childhood sweetheart and loves spending quality time with his two children.

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