Creating a new Page in WordPress

Creating a new Page in WordPress is not only easy but important in completing your website. You can add as many pages as you like but be assured it is important to have an contact page. Visitors need to contact you if they want to ask about your services or need information about your products.

If you have a lot of information about products or services you might want to consider to add some categories. A website with more than 5 or 6 pages is not user friendly and your visitors might leave the site. Once you have created an page and you have lot of variations for that page you can create post’s that you can categorize under that page.

Creating Pages for an WordPress Websites

After you have logged into your console you will see the category pages on the right drop bar.

Click on Add New. This will open a new page and is ready for editing. After you have edited your page and added some images you can Publish your page. It will be on your website instantly so you can refresh your website to have a point of view that your visitors will see.

When adding a new page there are 6 steps you need to follow to ensure you get the best optimization so visitors can find you on search engines.

  • Give your page a title
  • Give your page content and add some images on your page
  • If you have installed the Yoast SEO plugin make sure that your title is in the Focus keyphrase
  • You have to fill in the meta description block – This is an short description of what the page is about and people searching your keywords will see this in the Google search engines
  • Add some images on your page. Make sure that you Alt-Text your images – This will help people finding your website when they are looking at images of products or services you might sell.
  • Make sure you add an Feature image for your page. By uploading an image you should use the alt-text function [Naming and a Short Description of the image] This will improve your website rating and give you an better ranking on search engines

Use the Yoast SEO plugin on your page to go through the checklist and see that everything is green. That way you know that you have done your best and Google will give you the best possible ranking.

You should have at least 300 words describing your page.

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