Bredasdorp Stock Car Racing 2019 Season on its way

Bredasdorp Stock Car Racing 2019 Season on its way and here is the 2019/2020 Schedule. Nestled in a quarry of the P&B Limeworks and located in the quaint town of Bredasdorp, it is the only Lime Oval Track in South Africa. This track has been the home to many legends and still to this day, legends are being born.

Bredasdrop Stock Cars
Racing Dates Bredasdorp Stock Cars

Currently home to A Few SA Numbers, we can honestly say that our club has some of the fastest and best racing on any given race day!

We are excited about the new dates in 2019/2020 , we have lots of action in store and a positive group of members who are excited to take Bredasdorp to new heights! Many new drivers are joining us by the day!

If you are interested in Joining Bredasdorp as a member, or if you want to build a stock car but have no idea where to start, please contact us and we can point you in the right direction!

Thank you for your support, follow us on our Social Media Platforms and stay updated on whats happening here!

Bredasdorp Stock Car Racing 2019 Season on it’s way – When is the next stock car race in Bredasdorp



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