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Best Resource Website for Antique Prices and Value

Best Resource Website for Antique Prices and Value – Valuer Antique which means “value of antiques” is a website that brings you the value of antique and vintage pieces. With a large category you can be insured to find the value of your books. The categories include but is not limited to

  • Coins
  • Rare Books
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  • Vintage Kitchenware
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  • Antique Silver and much more

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The Value of Antique Ceramics but first a quick introduction. Whether your interest leads you to heraldry and armorials, to the Chinese export trade with Europe and America, to political satire pottery or even moustache cups, pottery and porcelain offer a world of possibilities to new collectors. The following paragraph will show the wealth of variety from Tang Dynasty China, the famous Ming Dynasty and the prolific Qing reigns of Emperors Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong to the 18th-century age of elegance represented by the great European factories of Meissen, Sévres, Chelsea and Worcester.

Mechanized industry in the 19th century brought about huge changes in ceramic production, and gave us bone china, pealware, ironstone, parian, majolica and all manner of revived styles and patents.

Huge quantities of ware were produced, particularly in Staffordshire, some of great quality, others more prosaic. It is noticeable how many of the pieces here would not qualify as ‘under f 1,000 / € 1,400 / $1,650’ without some degree of damage.

It is vital for collectors to know how to spot clever restoration, repaintin regilding or where a vase has been cut down and thus ‘losing’ the damage to the neck or foot of a vase. Knowing to what extent damage matters is important, some areas of collecting, particularly pottery such as delftware or majolica, a degree of damage is acceptable, but damage to porcelain is often extremely detrimental to the value. Knowing where to look is often an important first step for collectors. The past few years have seen a number of notable auction sales that highlight the fact there is wide interest in ceramics.

Vintage Ceramic Checklist

Baskets are very prone to damage which will, of course reduce the price. Is is also worth noting that any regilding will greatly reduce value. When buying check for the following

  • Cracks across the rims
  • Chips to applied decoration such as flowers
  • Cracks to the links of relliswork
  • Damage to the handles
  • Wear to the interior and gilding

Here are some Examples of Valuable Ceramics. To see the full list go to our Value and Prices page and select porcelain and ceramics.

Caughley Porcelain Chestnut Basket Value

Caughley porcelain chestnut basket, cover and stand, transfer-printed
with the Pine Cone Group pattern, the branch handles with applied flower and
terminals, basket repaired, minor blue-printed mark,

Circa 1775,
28 cm Wide.
Value € 900 / $940

Pearlware Basket Value - Best Resource Website for Antique Prices and Value

1815 Pearlware Ceramic Basket Value

Probably by Herculaneum, decorated with Net Pattern and with reticulated sides.

1815 /1820  20CM

Value $180

Paris_porcelain_dressing_box_value - Best Resource Website for Antique Prices and Value

Parris Porcelain Dressing Table Box Value

Decorated with floral sprays and raised gilt scroll

Marke for Eugene Clauss

19th Century 16cm

Value $350

The Value of Antique Ceramics - Victorian Staffordshire pottery money box

Victorian Staffordshire pottery money box, modelled as a cottage, 4%in (12cm) high. Money boxes are an affordable collecting area, particularly late examples such as this. E60-65 / €110-120 $112-115

The-Value-of-Antique-Ceramics - . H. Goss bass bask - Best Resource Website for Antique Prices and Value

W. H. Goss bass basket, decorated with the crest of Llanberis, 1890—1910, 21/4in (5.5cm) high. With a few exceptions such as Wyckamist (those relating to Winchester College) and some WWI commemoratives, crested china is inexpensive and an easily accessible collecting area. “8-20 $35.00

The most exciting sale of 18th-century English porcelain, at least since the fabulous two sales of the Rous Lench Collection in 1896 and 1990, was the famous sale of Dr. Bernard Watney’s Collection by Phillips. The sale was held in three parts and focused on rarities, particularly blue ant] white wares from Worcester, Longton Hall, Limehouse and the Liverpool factories. Although some pieces did fetch five-figure sums, many could easily have found themselves illustrated in the page of this book. All manner of ceramics sales are held both in London and around the country Some will be only for the super-rich such as the biannual London sales of fine Chinese ceramics, where rarities from from Song and Ming Dynasties cab fetch six or seven- figure sums.

For the rest of us, there are sales dedicated to Clarice Cliff, Royal Worcester, Doulton, Royal commemoratives, as well as many others Complementing the auctions, there are many antiques fairs, some of the biggest in the UK are London’s Olympia, the Birmingham NEC, Newark and Ardingly, and in the US the New York International Fine Art Fair and a number of good fairs at Palm Beach, Florida.

The most important advice for the new collector is to know your subject. Find out what books are available and where to get them. It is now possible to view online many dealers’ stock and auction catalogues and there are specialist auction search services which ensure that collectors never miss the chance to buy rarities, be they Lowestoft, Susie Cooper or ceramics relating to Admiral Lord Nelson.

The Value of Antique Ceramics

Best Resource Website for Antique Prices and Value

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