Andrew King Creates Covid-19 Protective Shirt

SA-based entrepreneur and tattoo shop owner – Andrew King, designs covid-protective gear for all. Local Tattoo Shop Owner, Andrew King Creates Covid-19 Protective Shirt

In the face of adversity, the entrepreneurial spirit shines brightest. The same is incredibly true – for businessman and creative thinker – Andrew King. As the owner of M&K Before Ink – based in Edenvale, Johannesburg – Andrew immediately realized the long-term economic effects that Covid-19 and the nation-wide lockdown would have on his business – and more importantly his employee’s.

Andrew King Creates Covid-19 Protective Shirt

Derived from the concept of convenient protection the first ever covid-19 protective shirt and the Pure Air™ brand were born. Andrew recognised the regularity of mask-culture, as well as the importance of creating an effective, user-friendly product. Further creative fuel arose from the youngsters in the family who were struggling with the discomfort and inconvenience of the masks.

Andrew and his team got straight to work, on a product that would not only meet basic standards but push them to a whole new layer!

The Pure Air™ product has an ISO14664 certified filter that can be optionally inserted into the neck of the high-quality, medium weight, cotton top. The design can be worn as an outer garment or as a vest. The neck of the garment is easily pulled up over the mouth and face to provide protection against socially transmitted airborne particles or dropped back down to the chest when not required, without becoming a hindrance.

Designed and currently manufactured in South Africa the Pure Air™ protective shirts are an international first. Sizes range from ages 4 and up. Shop the current product offering at

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Local Tattoo Shop Owner, Andrew King Creates Covid-19 Protective Shirt

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