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50 Top Life Hacks that all South Africans should know About

We have put together the 50 top life hacks that all South Africans should know about. if you are a gimmick person or just want to clear up some space or keep food fresh then you are at the right place. Tips and life hacks will show you how to get rid of smelly shoes, peel eggs fast, stop boiling water from running over and more hacks like extra hanging space.

Chill Wine With Frozen Grapes

Life Hack No 1 – If you want your wine chilled, but don’t want to dilute the flavor, freeze some grapes and use it to chill your wine

Rubber Band Around A Paint Can

Life Hack No 2 – Brilliant way to remove excess paint from your brush with no messing

Paint your keys with Nail Polish

Life Hack No 3 – Easy find and identify your keys with different colour nail polish

Keep Seeds Fresh with Silica Packets

Life Hack No 4 – Place your seeds in a tightly sealed container and add Silica Packets

Apply Eyeliner With A Spoon

Life Hack No 5 – Get a perfect line every time – just place a spoon above your eye lid

Add Ice Blocks to your dryer to prevent Wrinkles

Life Hack No 6 – Hate Ironing – This is a great solution

Teabags for Smelly Shoes

Life Hack No 7 – Place a couple of dry teabags in your smelly shoes – let it rest for a day

No more messy Salad Dressing

Life Hack No 8 – Poke holes in your foil instead of removing it – this will avoid a messiness and dripping

Freeze Aloe Vera for Sunburn

Life Hack No 9 – Aloe Vera is know for helping with Sunburn, when chilled it’s even better.

Pasta Stick Lighter

Life Hack No 10 – Use spaghetti sticks to light up those deep candles

Prevent Mirrors from Fogging up with Car Wax

Life Hack No 11 – Use car wax to prevent bathroom mirrors from fogging up after a hot shower

Create Extra Space with Can Tabs

Life Hack No 12 – Use the tab of an soda can to get extra hanging space.

Wet Newspapers in Tight Shoes

Life Hack No 13 – If your shoes are to tight, place some wet newspapers in them and leave to dry

Use Coke to clean a Toilet Bowl

Life Hack No 14 – Use a can of coke to remove dirty stains in your toilet. Pour and leave overnight

Prevent Buttons from falling off

Life Hack No 15 – Paint your buttons with nail polish to prevent them falling off.

Run a Tight Lid under Hot Water

Life Hack No 16 – If a lid is stuck, just run it under hot water or soak it in hot water for 15 minutes

Use Binder Clips to Organize Cables

Life Hack no 17 – Binder Clips can help you organize your office desk

Store Spaghetti in a Pringle can

Life Hack No 18 – Keep your pasta fresh and store it in your Pringle Container

Stop Water from Boiling Over

Life Hack No 19 – Place a wooden spoon over the pot to prevent water from boiling over. The wooden spoon will pop the bubbles

Best way to Peel a Boiled Egg

Life Hack No 20 – Add a teaspoon Baking Soda to the water

Use a Muffin Tray For Condiments

Life Hack No 21 – Muffin Trays are excellent at braais and functions for condiments

Pancake Mix in a Squeezy Bottle

Life Hack No 22 – Use and old ketchup bottle for a now mess pancake mix

Use a clothes hanger to keep books open

Life Hack No 23 – Clothes hangers are perfect to keep recipe books open

Clean your Shower Head with Vinegar

Life Hack No 24 – Let it soak overnight and the vinegar will do the hard work for you

Use Pool Noodles to avoid kids from falling out of beds

Life Hack No 25 – Fit pool noodles under your sheet to make sure kids don’t fall out of their beds

Use pool noodles to avoid slamming your car into garage walls

Life Hack No 26 – Prevent hitting garage walls with half or full pool noodles

Use a clothes pin when hitting a nail

Life Hack No 27 – Use a clothes pin when hitting small nails for photo frames

Keep your Hamburger Fresh in a CD Spindle

Life Hack no 28 – Don’t throw away your cd spindle, use it for food storage

Use Toilet Rolls to plant seeds

Life Hack No 29 – Toilet rolls are perfect for seed starters

Use a shoe rack to store cleaning materials

Life Hack No 30 – Save mega space by using this life hack

Toilet rolls to cuff gift wrapping paper

Life Hack No 31 – Toilet paper rolls to keep gift wrapping paper in place

Zipper Sliding down on Pants – Use a keyring

Life Hack No 32 – Use a keyring for zips going down

Turn a Baby Crip into a Kid’s Desk

Life Hack No 33 – Baby becoming to big for the Crip, turn it into a child desk

Use Binding Clips for Frozen Veggies

Life Hack No 34 – Save space and no more avalanches in your Fridge

Keep Your Boots Upright with Pool Noodles

Life Hack 35 – Avoid soft boots from falling over and loosing shape

News Factory – 50 Top Life Hacks that all South Africans should know About

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